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Timber decking has become a popular home improvement choice amongst UK homeowners since the 1990s for many different reasons, not least because it has the potential to transform a garden relatively quickly and easily.

But as with every type of building material and system, the way timber decking is installed will have a major impact on how it looks, its longevity and durability. And the type of screws you choose for the timber decking’s installation is a particularly important decision.

But what is the difference between a standard wood screw and a screw that is specifically designed for building timber decking?

No need for pre-drilling

Pre-drilling is usually required when using woodscrews because it will help to prevent the screw breaking or wood splitting. But it adds time to the job and is not required when using an innovatively designed StarDeck decking screw from Rapierstar.

These use the patented Starform™ thread design to cut a receiving thread in the receiving timber rather than simply displacing material as it is inserted. This provides the superior holding power that would be achieved with pre-drilling in half the time, with a low risk of the wood splitting – even when used close to the edges.

The sharp point is also an important feature of the StarDeck decking screw as it allows every insertion to be started easily and quickly. It means the screw tip rapidly penetrates into different wood types including hardwoods, treated softwood and wood composites for faster working.

Significantly less drive-in torque needed

The Starform™ thread design allows a StarDeck decking screw to be driven into the timber with 50% less torque than would be needed.

This will help you get more done on a single charge of your battery powered cordless drill/driver. The screw thread form copes extremely well with even the hardest types of wood to the required fixing depth to give you the most usage between battery charges. So, when you consider how many screws you will use in a typical deck construction, this can be an important issue to save you time and hassle.

And with less battery charges needed to get the job done, that’s going to be better for the environment too when you think how much less electricity you will use over the course of the year!

Greater holding strength

One of the most important things you will want from a screw when building the decking is for it to achieve a strong hold in the assembled timber. This is where decking screws have a major advantage because they are specifically designed for that purpose – and the Starform™ thread plays a key role here on StarDeck screws.

Safer working and getting a secure, tight fix every time

We all want to work efficiently but we also need to stay safe too. Accidents resulting from fasteners are still common, but did you know that many fasteners incorporate features to improve safety?

The StarDeck screw features the precision Stardrive™ recess in the fastener head which is designed to improve grip when you are using power tools. This provides a positive engagement to hold the screw firmly when you need it most and – in combination with the sharp tip – reduces the risk of slipping, even when driving the screw into the hardest types of wood without mechanical damage.

The Stardrive™ thread also incorporates a partial thread section which increases the pull-in power between the timbers. This makes it easier to achieve a tight fit and reduces the likelihood of ‘jacking’ which happens when a fully threaded screw tends to pull apart the jointed material.

Corrosion resistance, lifespan and retaining visual appeal

Another important consideration is how well the screws will stand up to corrosion. Timber decking is often heralded as ‘low maintenance’ as long as it is cleaned and treated regularly, but if the screws used to assemble it rust quickly, that will let down the whole installation.

Again, the purpose-design of decking screws makes a big difference. StarDeck screws have a triple layer corrosion protection called Starcoat™ which is designed to suit the screw’s long term exposure to the weather, and it has the ability to withstand harsh winter conditions. It protects in the toughest environments, working effectively with ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) and other treated timber.

This high performance, highly durable top coating is applied during the manufacturing process and has been tested to exceed 500 hours in a salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227:2021. This type of corrosion testing aims to replicate the effects of environmental conditions and is a reliable indicator of how well the screw will stand the test of time.

One additional benefit to homeowners of ensuring the decking screws have excellent corrosion resistance comes with how the deck looks. If the screw heads rust, staining will occur – so avoid this by using screws that offer better corrosion resistance.

Achieving a flush finish

Another way to make sure the decking looks superb is to ensure screw heads are barely noticeable. One of the ways to achieve this is to use screws that are flush with the timber when inserted.

That’s why decking screws are designed with a countersunk bugle head with under head ribs. This is small enough as not to stand out, and with the StarDeck screw, it is finished in semi-matt green which blends very well with treated timber for a neat end result.

Where to buy StarDeck

Rapierstar StarDeck decking screws are available in our network of approved stockists located across the UK – find your nearest using our stockist finder.

Find out more

Read more about StarDeck in our dedicated product section, or please contact us if you have any queries about creating the perfect timber decking.


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