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  • No Pre-drilling
  • Superior Holding Power
  • 50% Quicker Screw Penetration
  • 50% Less Drive-in Torque Required

StarTurn Useage

The StarTurn universal woodscrew brand was developed in response to the demands of the timber industry, where a faster, more reliable and safer fastening was required.

StarTurn screws are manufactured to the highest standard exceeding BS EN 14592:2008, and are plated to exceed all industry recommendations. As the thread begins at the very point of the screw, starting is virtually instant and the unique StarForm thread cuts a receiving thread into the timber structure, helping to reducing torque.

The unique thread is a true cutting thread, unlike other similar products which merely give the impression of a cutting thread, due to the presence of (largely ineffectual) clearance channels, and once installed, provides StarTurn with outstanding holding power.

The double countersunk head allows for a deeper pozidrive recess, giving a more positive and therefore safer engagement with the screwdriver bit, an important feature within a factory environment.

For more specialised uses, a range of longer lengths (up to 300mm) is available. This range is partially threaded, only available in zinc finish and because of the higher torque requirements that are likely to be encountered, has a Torx Star recess, for even greater safety.

Head Comparison


The StarTurn screws deeper recess and innovative double countersunk head greatly improves screwdriver seating and frictional grip, increasing bit life for both Cross Recess and StarDrive™.

Heads Finishes


Cross Recess and Star Torx recess offer a complete solution to cover all applications. The unique plating process ensures long life and includes Zinc and Yellow finishes.

No Splitting 

Reduces Splitting

The unique StarForm thread in the StarTurn range lowers torque and reduces wood splitting.

StarTurn Point

Quick Start

Sharp point for easier penetration into Hardwood, Chipboard, MDF, Plastics and Thin Sheet Metal.

For more detail and technical information go to StarTurn Product Detail or Contact us direct.

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